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M inistry  M usic  G roup came into existence with several goals in mind.  The number one goal was to uplift and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and to do this across denominational boundaries using regional music ministries.  Most regional groups that sing on a regular basis are equally as talented as many of the national groups that are on the road full time.  So here we are taking a step of faith into an area that, to my knowledge, has never been approached.  This will survive as long as pastors, churches, and concert halls will open their doors, uniting with M inistry  M usic  G roup , to help promote and build God's kingdom sharing the gospel to a lost and dying world.  At the present time there are many different ministries, including soloists, duets, trios, and quartets associated with MMG .   If   M inistry  M usic  G roup can assist your church or function, do not hesitate to call or write to the following address and phone number.
202 Denim Dr Erwin, NC  28339  910 897-6138